#PrayForAmazonia #PayForAmazonia

The forests of South America have been on fire for months. Especially in the Amazon, but also in the Pantanal, thousands of forest fires destroy the world’s green lungs. For months, the world has simply looked the other way and for a few days now, the sources of forest fires in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia have been in the news in the West. Politicians take the opportunity to insult each other and social media pray for the rainforest under the hashtags #PrayForAmazonia and #PrayForAmazonas.

The Swiss foundation Paradise Partner Paraguay PPP tries to help directly. With this campaign we want to raise the sum of 100,000 U$ to buy 50 hectares of land (half a million square meters). The purchase of this land in the Paraguayan part of the Pantanal allows us to repopulate the cleared or burned parts, but at the same time cultivate the land in a sustainable way. This is not about forcing local people to live in an open-air museum or renouncing progress, but about helping them manage their natural resources sustainably and preserve our common environment. We are grateful to them for not repeating our mistakes of 200 years ago. We want to help you, therefore #PayForAmazonia.


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