Impressive moments in the Chaco

More than 148 pupils are taught at the “Centro Educativo Padre Domingo Masi” from kindergarten to 7th grade. In addition to this all-day school, which looks after orphans as well as other disadvantaged children of the Toba Qom community, a dozen elderly people are also catered for in the halls of the facility. Since 2006, the institution has been run by nuns of the “Hermanas de la Inmaculada” congregation.

On June 28, the Honorary Consul of Paraguay in Switzerland, Daniel Ordás, visited the facility and brought the children over a ton of food collected by the Swiss Paradise Partner Foundation Paraguay PPP thanks to generous donations from private individuals through social media.

The generous donation of the Aargauer community Vordemwald is particularly worth mentioning. The village in the district of Zofingen was the home and birthplace of Jakob Schaerer, who emigrated to Paraguay in the XIX century and founded the town of Benjamín Aceval, where the “Centro Educativo” is located. 

The consul and his companions were greeted by the students with a dance performance, and the question of how far away Switzerland was kept coming up again and again. On this day Switzerland was very close, especially Vordemwald with its Paraguayan history.


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