Press article of the inauguration of the consulate and the foundation.

In a full article, the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung reported on the upcoming opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Paraguay for German-speaking Switzerland in Pratteln. Through the Honorary Consul Daniel Ordás, the participants were presented with the creation of a new Paradise Partner Paraguay PPP foundation. In addition to the inauguration of the consulate on May 10, the foundation was also made known to the public, and with this a fundraising campaign was initiated. The Paradise Partner Paraguay PPP Foundation does not want to limit itself to humanitarian aid, but also to promote social projects in Paraguay and promote cultural, economic and political exchange between Switzerland and Paraguay. With relatively small resources, it is possible to achieve great results, especially because often with only a little initial capital, social support, know-how or a network is enough to help the affected individuals and communities.


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