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More than 5 tons
of staple foods

For those affected by the floods in the chaco.
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#PrayForAmazonia #PayForAmazonia

The forests of South America have been on fire for months. Especially in the Amazon, but also in the Pantanal, thousands of forest fires destroy the world’s green lungs. For


Impressive moments in the Chaco

More than 148 pupils are taught at the “Centro Educativo Padre Domingo Masi” from kindergarten to 7th grade. In addition to this all-day school, which looks after orphans as well


Staple foods for orphans

The last delivery of staple foods was delivered today to the sisters of Immaculate. The nuns have been running a project for orphans and street children in the town of


Welcome to the website of the Paradise Partner Paraguay PPP Foundation

Many Swiss still do not know the Latin American country of Paraguay. On the one hand, it has to do with isolation and instability that characterized Paraguay throughout its history. On the other hand, also because its great neighbors attract the main attention in the region. With almost the same amount of people as in Switzerland, Paraguay has an area of 400,000 km², but it is 10 times larger than Switzerland.

Switzerland is a historically important country for Paraguay, as many Paraguayans, as descendants of Swiss emigrants, have family ties with Switzerland, and those who do not have Swiss origin, are also familiar with Switzerland’s contribution to the development of the country. Swiss immigrants founded several cities in Paraguay, two Swiss immigrants were presidents and one of the most famous naturalists in Paraguay was the Ticinese Mosé Bertoni.
In addition to institutional, commercial, and political cooperation that I have to foster as an Honorary Consul, I also want to build a bridge between Paraguay and Switzerland in the social, humanitarian, and community services sectors. To this end, I created with my friends Roman Hänggi and René Depmer the Paradise Partner Paraguay PPP Foundation. With the Foundation, we would like to support small projects, especially in the areas of agriculture, housing, and assistance for self-sufficiency. Often little things can give excellent results, mainly because the moral and ideological support of a project between partners and authorities create a positive environment.
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